LEED Progress & Action Plan

Well the last time that I wrote about my first LEED project, we just received our design review comments with on a few comments from the reviewer.  Well we submitted our responses to their comments and to our surprise they have accepted all of our credits.  So the project still has a fighting chance to receive a Gold certification.  Which puts us at the mercy of our contractor.

Which brings me back to our action plan that I have mentioned in a previous post (here).  So the spreadsheet has gone through some revisions as we understand more how the credits are to be tracked.

LEED Action Plan

LEED Action Plan

However the contractor is using the spreadsheet as a substitute for the actual product data and or manufacturer letters that we need to have on file for if the USGBC decided to audit one of these credits.  And this has been apart of an ongoing problem with this project from day one, incomplete submittals.  Which puts us in a hard place to be in.  First, we do not want to accept the submittal until we have all the data that we requested in our specifications.  However if we reject it without review, the owner thinks we are holding up the project.  So it is difficult to keep track of everything when we are getting multiple submittals for each product.

I would like to hear from anyone who has had trouble getting the required information for LEED documentation and how they dealt with it.


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