New home durability further reducing during down times

I came across this post just recently about the new home building industry.  I always knew that the vast majority of the production/track homes were of lesser quality construction because those builders are driven by profits, not quality.  But this post opened my eyes a little more.  So with a good marketing team and uneducated home buyers, builders at still trying to give their buyers the amenities that they think are important, and taking away what makes a home long lasting and healthy place to live.

“Destruction” of Home Quality – words may offend!

Posted by Mr. Grant Dorris via Consilience: The blog

I want everyone to think about a staggering statistic – 80% of all homes are built by only 20% of all builders. This ultimately means that a small percentage of homebuilders control the end products that are available to consumers. Most all of these homes would be classified as production built or tract built homes. This relatively small percentage of builders can take one of two paths:

1. Understand that it is their responsibility to build safe, comfortable living environments that balance with their surrounding natural environments – and accomplish this by integrating planning & design with climate & site analysis to maximize the energy efficiency, durability, indoor environmental quality and water conservation of the structures they build, while simultaneously minimizing waste and our impact on natural resources.

2. Choose the path that is fast, labor saving, cheap, and based on cleverness rather than quality – basically the exact opposite of Path #1.

Unfortunately, most choose Path #2.

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