LEED Credentialing…..Its about time

As we quickly approach the last week for the current LEED AP v2.2 exam track, I say it is a long time coming.  When I first took the exam back in 2004 I was of the opinion that the more people that had their LEED AP the better.  Because ultimately it meant more people understood the issues and were on a level playing field in terms of their knowledge.

However over the past couple of years as the LEED rating system has picked up steam, my opinion of the exam has changed.  Too many people are taking the exam now and not for the right reasons.  Most people who are taking it are only taking the exam to have the LEED AP after their name.  It’s all for marketing purposes.  They don’t have any additional knowledge.  They just studied the reference manual and took the exam.  The majority of them do nothing to push the green building movement.  Heck, some of the people are not even in the design and construction industry.  Read the rest of this entry »

LEED 2009 Reference Guide Review

The new LEED 2009, or also know as LEED v3 reference guides have just recently been released, in anticipation of the new rating system roll out on April 27th, 2009.

Joel McKellar, the author and creator of RealLifeLEED.com has posted an excellent review of the new rating system and reference guide.  So I encourage you to take the time and read his article.

The Big Review: LEED 2009 Reference Guides Released

By Joel McKellar at www.RealLifeLEED.com

NOTE – This is the longest post in Real Life LEED history. You may groan at the thought of reading the text below, but I assure you it’s a much quicker way to get up to speed with the changes in the new LEED 2009 systems then reading through the new reference guide as I did. Man up, read the following, and sound smart around your colleagues.

Continue reading the review at RealLifeLEED.com