LEED action plan and documentation

Well after 2 two years of working on design and construction documents for my first LEED project, we are finally in the construction phase. Which for any LEED project means additional paperwork to contend with, along with shop drawing review.

Well after a week and a half of reviewing hollow metal frame shop drawings (which had no associated LEED data attached may I add), I get to jump right into scrutinizing our contractors LEED action plan. Which is basically a spreadsheet that we provided to them (currently flawed) to document how they plan on meeting the required benchmarks for Recycled Content, Regional Materials and FSC certified woods. So with this not only my first LEED project, but the office as well as the project manager working for the contractor. So it is basically the blind leading the blind at this point. But I guess the frustrating part is some of the office expectations of the contractor, as well as the lack of research and understanding from the contractor along with the fact that they are not submitting the appropriate forms and data with the shop drawings that we need to track the progress of these credits to get our buildings LEED certification.

I don’t know exactly where I was going with this post, or who I ended up complaining about more. But I guess what I have learned so far in the two months that this project as been under construction are that even if the requirements are in the project manual, you will not necessarily receive them when you want them, and sometimes you just have to bite your tongue when people are expecting when no one else knows what to expect.