NCARB raising the ARE fees in October

So my return to blogging is not starting off on the right foot.  I must have a lot of pent up anger that I do not know about.  Well anyways it was announced a couple of months ago that the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) is going to be raising the exam fee beginning October 1st of 2009.  They are raising the fee from $170 to $210.  Only $40? Those of you not in the profession may be asking why are you bitching about $40.  Well multiply that by 7.  That brings the grand total of the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) to $1,470.  That is more than the bar exam that lawyers have to take.  And in most cases they make much more money than architects.  And what make this number even more difficult to swallow is that most architectural firms do not reimburse their employees for taking the exams, let along giving them the time off needed to take the exams that range from 2-6 hours in length.

The attached blog post from the Architectural Record (NCARB Increasing Test Fees), gives some incite into why NCARB is raising their fees.  However this is not a good thing for the profession.  Already the trend for most architecture graduates is to never obtain their architectural registration that would allow them to legally practice architecture on their own.  As long as they are working for an architectural firm they see no need.  However this is resulting in less people getting registered every year.