Greenbuild 2013

Last week we had the chance to attend the United State Green Building Council (USGBC) Greenbuild International Conference & Expo in Philadelphia.  Let me tell you, it was a physically and mentally draining week, yet we return rejuvenated and inspired to continue on our path.  Attending a conference like this always lifts your spirits as you are surrounded by 30,000 like minded professionals.

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New Online Green Building Products Database

The USGBC and The Home Depot have partnered to generate a database of green building products at that will contribute towards points in the LEED® for Homes rating system.  The database is currently a list of more than 2,500 products sold at The Home Depot stores and online.

The user interface is a rather simple one to use to locate products.  A dial listing product categories with a featured product will bring you to a list of all the products that could assist in LEED certification.

The database will be a good resource, for home builders, architects, designers and home owners in the material selection process of a new home or renovation projects of any size.  The only improvements I can really see that should be made to the database is how the products will assist in obtaining LEED points.  Most materials will be claimed under the Materials & Resources category, however it would be beneficial to highlight the environmentally friendly features such as Low VOC, FSC certified, or in general what makes it an Environmentally Preferred Product.

LEED Credentialing – Update

In a previous post (here) I talk about the new LEED Credentialing system and how my opinion of the LEED AP designation has changed over the past 5 years since I took the exam.  Over at Real Life LEED, the author tries to explain if there are any real benefits to existing LEED AP’s to upgrading to the new LEED AP+ which sparked a good discussion on his comment board.

So please, venture over to Real Life LEED and read his latest post.

Do Legacy LEED APs Really Benefit By Upgrading to the 2009 System?

LEED Credentialing…..Its about time

As we quickly approach the last week for the current LEED AP v2.2 exam track, I say it is a long time coming.  When I first took the exam back in 2004 I was of the opinion that the more people that had their LEED AP the better.  Because ultimately it meant more people understood the issues and were on a level playing field in terms of their knowledge.

However over the past couple of years as the LEED rating system has picked up steam, my opinion of the exam has changed.  Too many people are taking the exam now and not for the right reasons.  Most people who are taking it are only taking the exam to have the LEED AP after their name.  It’s all for marketing purposes.  They don’t have any additional knowledge.  They just studied the reference manual and took the exam.  The majority of them do nothing to push the green building movement.  Heck, some of the people are not even in the design and construction industry.  Read the rest of this entry »

Video Friday: LEED v3 Video

With the release of the new LEED 2009 or better know as v3 on April 27th, 2009, I decided to post a video by the USGBC that really talks about why we should build in a more sustainable fashion.  It also documents what went into the development of the new rating system.