Family Cottage

This project located on Chautauqua Lake in New York was done while employed with Phillip Markwood Architects.  The project was to take a two bedroom cottage and upgrade it to a 4 bedroom home with open living space suitable for large gatherings.  The client had 3 requirements for the project, that the home be energy efficient, durable and low maintenance and to take into account that some day he may be in a wheelchair.  With two bedrooms on the first floor, a second floor bunk room and sitting area for the kids, the cottage is ready to accommodate summer visits by an expanding family.

Even though we more than doubled the square footage of the home, the estimated utility bills have been cut in half.  Simple strategies such as larger overhangs and clerestory windows to increase the potential for natural ventilation.  The larger south facing windows and clerestory allow for ample day light.  Large overhangs are utilized  to keep the water away from the foundation as well as provide shade to the wall to help keep it cooler in the summer yet allow the sun to penetrate during the winter for passive solar gains.  The large South facing roof gives plenty of area for a future photovoltaic installation.