LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a program created by the United States Green Building Council.  LEED is a third-party Certification program in which projects, both new and renovated, and both residential and commercial, can choose to pursue.  The LEED system allows for a project to choose from a variety of goals in order to achieve LEED Certification.  These goals range from an emphasis on energy efficiency to the types of low-VOC materials a project might choose to use.

LEED Consulting

Our diverse LEED project experience supports many types of projects whether it is a new home or both new and renovated commercial buildings.

We offer the following services:

  • Identify project goals and assist the project team with documentation required for the LEED Certification process, allowing the team to focus on the project at hand.
  • Work closely with the team and provide assistance as needed to research and implement LEED prerequisites and points.
  • Supplement team expertise by assisting with the management of the LEED requirements. 

Green Home Consulting

Not interested in seeking LEED certification for your home?  sym-home works with Clients at any stage of the project, whether it is to green  an existing home, or to apply alternative ways to build a more eco-friendly home.  We work with Clients closely to determine their goals and help select the best implementation strategies for them.