Residential Energy Modeling

Energy modeling provides a means to evaluate a building’s energy performance and helps our clients make informed design decisions to optimize the energy performance of their homes to comply with local laws and energy codes and to improve their return on investment.

Component loadsEnergy modeling services can be used for new home construction as well as home improvements/renovations.  The model creates an estimate of savings for different energy efficient measures, allowing clients to rank different scenarios based on costs and lifetime estimated savings.

A detailed breakdown of the building shell components aid in the decision making process, identifying which materials and construction methods are the most cost-effective and have an adequate return on investment.  Energy modeling allows for decisions to be made early in the project planning process maximizing each decisions cost effectiveness.

sym-Home utilizes advanced whole building simulation tools, such as REM/Design, to support energy analyses for new home construction and existing home improvements.

Energy Modeling is a service we can provide whether we are working with you on the design or even if you are working with another designer or builder.