Residential Design

sym-home specializes in sustainable, energy efficient and healthy homes.  We think of the design process as a holistic one.  If you are adding a simple addition, there are many things to think about related to not only the new structure, but the existing one as well.  If you are building a new home, there are so many opportunities to improve the efficiency and comfort of the home.  A home is something that you will likely live in for many years, it should be something that is not only comfortable, but efficient and economical as well.  We can help you make those informed decisions whether you are remodeling existing space, building an addition or building a new home.

We offer free consultations if you would like to meet us and talk about your project.

Once we decide to work together we can offer the following services:

  • Conceptual or Schematic Design – This stage is where ideas are transformed into basic drawings that may include floor plans and elevations.
  • Design Development – This stage is where we really start to finalize the design.  This would include layout, elevations, sections and details.
  • Energy Modeling – Energy modeling provides a means to evaluate a building’s energy performance and helps Clients make informed design decisions to optimize the energy performance of their homes to comply with local laws and energy codes and to improve their return on investment.  This is a service we can provide whether we are working with you on the design or even if you are working with another designer or builder, we can provide these services.
  • Construction Documents – This stage is where the design is really finalized and all the details are added to the drawings.  This stage may also include submitting drawings for permit to your local jurisdiction and assisting you in bidding out the work to contractors or builders.
  • Construction Observation – This stage is an optional service depending on whether you would like us to work in conjunction with a contractor through the building process.
  • LEED for Homes Consulting – This is a service we can provide if you choose to pursue LEED Certification or even if you would like to pursue the concepts behind LEED, but not necessarily Certification.  Again, even if you are working with another designer or builder, we can provide these services.